Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Value of Teeth

Bobby's brother Brian picked Emma up (since Bobby wasn't getting out of class in time) and we met them at Red Robin for lunch. Emma took her first bite and whined. She had a loose tooth ("It's been loose for 2 weeks!") and it hurt when she chewed. As she's fingering the tooth I noticed that her hands are really dirty, so I took her to the bathroom to wash her hands. While there, it falls right out. So we find some plastic to wrap it up in and stick it in my purse. When I was little, teeth were worth like a quarter or two, but I'm not sure what they are worth now. I also want to make sure the Tooth Fairy is being consistant between her mom's house and her dad's house, so I asked her how much she got for her last tooth. "Two gold dollars!"

So then we had to go about finding some gold dollars. Luckily my mom had a ton.

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