Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Poor Sister

So I can't really tell the whole story, but my poor sister has been having such a stressfull time the last two weeks I really feel bad for her. First she's trying to get her living situation figured out (she's moving for like the 8th time in the last 2 years). She's basically moving in to storage until we come back from Europe, so she's a nomad right now, and will have to move all over again when we get back. Then she throws a party (which is stressfull in itself). She had everything all planned, but didn't expect Stater Bros. to give us the wrong kind of tap for the keg - twice - or her toilet to start overflowing during the party. She dealt with that just fine, but the next day when she was cleaning up, she was returning something she had borrowed for the party when it went flying out of her truck and shattered all over the road. Stressed out as she was, she immediately went to the store and spent the $300 to replace the item. Next day however, she pulls in to my parents driveway, forgets to put her truck in park, and runs it right in to my parents brand new garage door. Poor thing just sat down and cried.

I told her it was just fate getting back at her for all the fun we are going to have in the next three weeks, but hopefully this is the end of the bad luck.

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