Saturday, August 27, 2005

Return of the Brother

So my little brother went to Oregon for the summer. He left 2 months ago, and we've heard little from him since. Everyone in my family left the kid messages never to hear a response. I could kinda understand why he didn't call my parents back, probably needed space, but he didn't call me or my sister or my brother back either. That was really weird.

Well, he came home today (rather unexpectedly, I thought he was coming home next weekend) and I learned that the cell phone tower in the town he was staying burned down in the same fire that took out the mill he was supposed to be working at. Said he hasn't been able to check his messages the whole time he was gone. Explains why he didn't call me back, or know that my sister was having a party tonight that he just happens to be home just in time for.

I'm glad he's home. I'm glad he's safe.

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