Friday, September 5, 2008

Week Three: Check

I've done it!  For the third week in a row I have successfully brought my lunch to work.  We ate at the spa on Monday, so I only had to make it four days.

During this short week, I only went out to lunch once, but it was someone else's treat, so I still didn't buy lunch.  I stopped at Ralph's last weekend and picked up some shaved roast beef, and some grinder rolls.  I only made half sandwiches all week.  Using my oil-vinegar compilation to soak the meat in all morning came out really well with the roast beef.  I need to start mixing it up so I don't get tired of my sammiches.

Somewhat related, one of my co-workers today mentioned that he eats the same thing for lunch every day - a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, string cheese, and a peice of fruit.  The peice of fruit changes up, but that's it.  Even on weekends.  Every day.  He says he loves it, that inside he's 12 years old.

It is still easier to eat in the office most days, but I'm eating quietly at my desk and then stepping out to run an errand, walk around the building, or go read somewhere.

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