Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to the Spa

To celebrate Labor Day, Jessica, Brian, Bobby, and I didn't participate any labor at all.  Instead, we went to a day spa, lounged in the pools, soaked up the sun, went through the Grotto, etc.  It was a lovely, much needed relaxing day.  A facial or massage would have made it better, but we'll have to do that next time.

I have not had to pay to get in for 11 years now.

When I was like 13 years old or something, my parents loved going to Club Mud, at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa and occasionally they would take us along.  This was before it was only open to a 16+ crowd.

When they made me go looking for a job the summer before my senior year in high school, I refused to even apply at a fast food place, and found myself looking through the classifieds for anything else at all.  Wouldn't you know, Glen Ivy was hiring.

I worked there for four years - two in the cafe, and two as a receptionist for spa services.  I cannot say how much I enjoyed the atmostphere there.  Sure, there were a couple people I didn't care for or really get along with, but overall it was a pleasant place to work.  I had unlimited access to the spa, and discounts on services.  I knew over 100 massage therapists and estheticians, and because I would willingly massage their tired hands and shoulders, they willingly took care of me too.  I was spoiled with facials and massages and body treatments.

After I left, I still had friends working there, and could get into the spa whenever I wanted.  I had to pay for my services now, but a day in the sun and water, combined with even a brief massage is a great way to relax.  I loved laying on a floatie in the lounge pool, reading a book.  In the cooler season, when the spa is very slow is also a great time, as many of the spas are hot - just be sure to bring a nice fluffy bathrobe.

Soon my younger sister got a job there, and I was able to maintain my free access.  Gma and mom loved it too, so we would periodically plan trips; it was what we did together.  They had since built the Grotto, an "underground cave" where they paint you with an aloe-kelp clay, and then you sit in the warm room while the clay softens your skin.  The showers in the Grotto were the inspiration for the showers mom and dad put in Gma's house.

My younger sister left a few years ago, but it wasn't long until Bobby's sister-in-law started as an esthetician.  I'm glad Bobby enjoys going to the spa with me, and indulging a little.  He may even love massages more than I do.  We discussed going again in October - Brian mentioned buying me a massage, maybe Bobby can buy me a facial that day too.  I do love the pampering.

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