Thursday, August 30, 2007

Miss Norco 2007

I left work early so I could go with Bobby to Norco and to the Miss Norco Pageant that his little sister was competing in. When she first signed up, I wasn't sure of her chances. I remember the contestants in the Miss Norco pageant when I was in high school being that year's popular cheerleader-type seniors. All very pretty, all very used to attention.

When I saw all the girls that were running, I was sure Erica was going to win. Not only was she by far the prettiest one up there, but out of the twelve girls, Erica and one other girl honestly belonged in a beauty pageant. The was one girl that I thought would be the competition was young (16), a cancer survivor, very well spoken, and very pretty.

The pageant was terrible - it was poorly managed, there was too much downtime, it took way too long for what it was (3 hours), and was filled with lame fomalities. They must have told the girls to "take a half-step" four different times, which seemed to translate into "show us your larbard side" (in my best pirate accent, which honestly isn't that good). Honestly, why do we need the girls lined up on the stage facing away from us. In a speech, one of the girls was talking about how she wanted to be a teacher, but she was messing up the tenses of her words. I hoped she wasn't intending to be an English teacher - maybe P.E. Bobby kept pretending he was Al Gore talking about ManBearPig - the sound of her voice reminded him of that.

When they (finally) annouced, they called out three of the four princesses, and they hadn't yet called Erica or Competition Girl. First runner up - Competition Girl. At this point, I'm sitting in my seat thinking that's it - Erica has to have won. None of these other girls could possibly have been a better choice. Then they announce the winner.... and it's... not Erica. What?!? Seriously, how is this possible? Bobby, Emma, and I just sat there stunned. It had to be more politics than we realized - it's the only way. Emma said it was a terrible pageant.

Erica, of course, is a much more gracious than any of us. Here we are shocked, exclaiming that the pageant is rigged... and she is whole-heartedly congratulating the victor, telling everyone how much fun the pageant was for her. So diplomatic... see - she should have won.

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