Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Day at the Beach, A Night at Disneyland

We usually go to Shaw's Cove in Laguna, but we couldn't find anywhere to park. We must have driven around four or five times. Finally we headed north on PCH and stopped somewhere else. We made camp and Emma dragged Bobby into the water.

Emma usually goes in no more than knee high. She is a very cautious girl, and doesn't like to do anything that could possibly be construed as remotely dangerous. She was afraid of Pirates of the Caribbean until this summer. But this time she wanted Bobby to take her in farther. He was carrying her and took her out so far he could barely touch the sand - jumping into the waves so they covered him but usually kept her head above water, occasionally telling her to hold her breath. And this time she not only wasn't afraid, she kept wanting to do it again.

It's strange. Until very recently she never wanted very far from us, never wanted to go on any remotely scary rides, never wanted to venture out. It has actually been a frustration of Bobby's that she seemed so afraid of things. But the last couple months or so, she's been increasingly more willing to go off to do something knowing we'll be right where she left us. Go into a public bathroom by herself, play with some other kids a little farther down the beach, jump off the diving board. Little by little more self assured.

The sun was starting to make me really tired, and if we wanted to get something to eat and go to Fantasmic, we were going to have to start packing up soon. So we left the beach, grabbed a bite, went home to clean up and headed to Disneyland. Fantasmic starts at 9pm. People start camping out in the good spots before 8pm. We left the house at 8pm - weren't even in the park until 8:45. We wandered around trying to find any decent spot, but it wasn't happening, so we decided to go on Pirates, watch the fireworks, and then see Fantasmic at 10:30 instead. After Pirates we were wandering around in a sea of people yet again trying to find a good spot when Emma's shoe broke. She was wearing flip-flops and the strap busted, so from then on Bobby had to carry her.

But then we noticed that the reserved area for Fantasmic has started to clear out - and snuck in. It turned out to be a great spot for fireworks, and we decided we would just camp out there and wait for the 10:30 show. We couldn't really walk around with Emma's shoe broken, and the worst that could happen is they would kick us out of the reserved area. They didn't. We had front row seats along the Rivers of America. Best seats there are - people even pay to sit there.

After the show we went home. Emma wanted to go on more rides, but Bobby and I were exhausted, and the girl weighs 65 lb. now - neither of us really wanted to be carrying her all over the park. When we got home, she wanted to stay up and watch movies. I think she might be nocturnal. We put in Lilo & Stich, and Bobby and I went to bed...

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