Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bold Colors

Sunday we picked colors to paint the living room. I just wanted to paint the mustard wall (I was fine with the pale orange-yellow of the rest of the walls). I would have even been fine with painting the one wall to match the others. But Bobby didn't like the yellow. He wanted blue or grey. I thought blue and grey were boring. I thought an olive or a pale creamy yellow would be nice. We picked up some color samples, and I was even thinking of a wine color or lavender. One of the pictures I thought looked really nice, and Bobby thought it was ok. He finally said we could do whatever I wanted, so we went with the colors in that pic - Fossil Butte and Chocolate Sparkle. We went and bought paint and supplies, and made a few necessary patches.

Saturday night I went to bed around 10:30, but I woke up at 1:30 in the morning, and could not get back to sleep - I was wide awake. Lying there, thinking about the paint we'd just bought, and was it a mistake - did we buy bad colors? What color rug can I buy that would possibly look good? And the furniture, what will match? Around 4am I gave up and just got out of bed. I surfed Wikipedia and made a pot of chili I'd intended to make that day. At least I got the cooking out of the way before it started getting hot. Are these colors going to look ok? What have we done?

Sunday we painted. When we opened the can of Chocolate Sparkle, we were both a little cautious. That's a little darker than I expected. But we figured we'd give it a shot. So we start painting. Wow, this is really dark. When we opened the Fossil Butte, we were disappointed. How did we pick the color of pea soup? But we'd already started...

Maybe it would surprise us. As we were painting, I was starting to feel like we were going to have to paint all over again. All my thoughts from earlier that morning were haunting me. As it started drying the Chocolate Sparkle was growing on me, and while I wasn't excited about the Fossil Butte, I started thinking that once the base boards were in and the furniture was in, maybe it would look better. It has since grown on me, especially since I put the base boards and furniture in, and hung pictures.

I put the table in the courtyard too. I find there are a lot of spiders out there, so I wonder how much time I'll spend there. I need to shade it in some way - I'm thinking something simple, like a shade cloth canopy.

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