Monday, September 19, 2005

The Best Party Ever!

The past weekend at Oktoberfest was possibly the most fun I've ever had. Ever.

There is this amaying sense of camaraderie and life filling the air and so many people from so many places, all looking to meet new people. People are singing aloud whether they are in a beer tent following the oom-pa-pa band's lead or just outside wandering around. In the tents, people are sitting at (or standing on) huge tables singing and drinking or eating, drinking and talking to people they've just met.

This weekend I met a Brit, a Croatian and two New Mexicans all of whom currently live in M√ľnchen, at least 3 Irish guys, at least 5 Germans from Stuttgart who have a deep love of good beer, some guys from the military stationed nearby, some guys from Boston that decided to go wander Europe for a year, and a couple from Monterey who come to the festival every other year. And that's just what I can remember off the top of my head.

We had grandiose plans to wake up early yesterday morning and get to one of the beer tents early so we could try to get a table. But then we slept until 10am. Okay, I slept until 10am, everyone else slept until noon. We had a rather late night the night before. Thanks to the miracle of RU-21, none of us had hangovers.

Before heading back to the festivities we took a stroll down Marienplatz, but all the shops worth going into were closed (which was probably a relief for our wallets). We finally headed back to the celebration. Some people go all out and wear the traditional german dress.

To our surprise, we were able to not only get into one of the beer tents without waiting at the door, but we also found a spot at one of the tables. Here we met the three Irish guys we spent most of the evening with.

There was also a rather large Italian man behind us who our new friend Patrick convinced Tania wanted a kiss from, clearly it wasn't her idea.

As the night went on we met more people, drank more beer, and had a great time.

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