Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Air Canada to London

Well, we made it to London so far... tomorrow it's off to Amsterdam.

I love flying. Ok, really I like taking off and landing and turbulence, cause then it's actually kind of exciting, but the long stretches of just sitting there on your ass could make me crazy. I really like thinking about how amazing it is that we can fly halfway accross the world in less than a day. I think we take that sort of stuff for granted a little too often.

I have to say good things about Air Canada. Both flights left right on time and arrived early. The food sucked, but it's airline food. Not much can be done about that. We had a connection in Toronto... that airport is HUGE. We had to walk through this maze, get onto a shuttle, walk through another maze, go through the x-ray/metal detector thing, get on another shuttle, and then go through another maze to get from one flight to the next. Have to say I'm glad our connection was in Toronto and not Heathrow, though. The customs/immigration line was so short in Canada that all that walking around and taking shuttles still only took about 90 minutes.

But once we stopped in Heathrow (at 8:50, 40 minutes ahead of schedule) we had to hike for about 15 minutes to get to the immigration line...and holy crap was that a long line. It took us an hour just to get through there. After we finally picked up our luggage there, we walked through the area labeled customs without having to stop to talk to anyone. I'm not sure they had a customs checkpoint up at all. The we had to wait 40 minutes for the shuttle (that is supposed to come every 20 minutes) to take us to the hotel. We checked in at 11:30 (for all of you bad at math, that is over 2 and 1/2 hours of lines and walking and waiting for shuttles, etc.)

I only slept about an hour on both flights combined, but I'm still wide awake. I'm going to go take a sleeping pill after this so I can get some shut eye. Jessica, however, slept most of both flights and still looks as though she is about to pass out. She's actually probably already asleep. I just needed to come get my internet fix. I don't like being without my cell phone or email for this long. I feel so disconnected.

No pictures yet, even if I had taken some (they would only be of airports at this point) I have to wait until I get to my bro's before I can upload them. I'll probably have some up by Monday.

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