Saturday, September 10, 2005

Cortona, Cortona

Today was so relaxing. This is what vacations are supposed to be like.

I stayed up late last night, writing my blog and surfing the web, even though I was exhausted from the long day of travelling. I even slept until 12:30. I know, amazing. I usually don't sleep past 8am. Lacee can tell you. My brother even came in at 11 and asked Jessica and I if we wanted to get up or sleep longer, and apparently I answered, even though I don't even remember the incident.

So I finally got up, showered, and at 1pm we headed down the street for an amazing breakfast/lunch at Fuf Luns. It was great. I had some pasta with wild boar. I know, wild boar. I've decided I really like boar. First for dinner last night, then this afternoon.... The pasta was really good, as was the sparkling white wine we had with it. It is really strange to wake up and immediately have a big meal with wine. But it was good. We had salad too, but apparently here they serve the salad at the end of the meal. It sounds kinda strange, but it was actually nice that way. Even though I was completely sutffed, I didn't feel all heavy since the last thing I ate was so light.

We walked around Cortona for awhile, and looked around the cathedral here. The town is really beautiful, and the views are amazing. Many of the buildings are built with stone, and the whole place really has an old world feel. We stopped for some gelato (we really were stuffed from lunch, but there is always room for gelato) and strolled the local park as we ate.

When we got back to the house around 4pm I fully intended to lie around reading a book, but after one chapter I decided to take a nap - for like 3 hours. If you know me, you know this is really strange. First of all, If I sleep past 9am, I'm probably sick. Second, I don't take naps unless I'm sick or I didn't sleep the night before. It was heavenly.

When I awakened, it was coming up on dinnertime. Keith and Tania were having some friends over for dinner, so I helped peel some onions and set the table. Inda and David came over, and we had a 3 hour meal. Pasta with pesto, sausage, onions (with some kind of sauce), rosemary and sage potatoes, an amazing pastry, and more gelato (yum). With some wine of course.

Later I'm playing on the internet with my brother and he has me watch this short animated video that was quite funny. Then I checked out a friend's blog I've been meaning to watch (it's a video, and all the other computers I've used this week said the page had security issues and wouldn't let me on). It was another short animated video from the same animator. Crazy, I never hear of this guy, then I'm watching videos by him sent to me from two totally unrelated sources.

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