Saturday, June 2, 2007

Disneyland Passes

This morning we picked up Emma at her great-grandparents' house in Garden Grove, and went straight to Disneyland. We don't usually go that early, so we're not used to waiting in a line to park, and then the lady at the ticket counter took for-ev-er to renew our three passes. And because she couldn't find Emma's account, she just created a new one for her, meaning we had to go into California Adventure to pick up our passes that were already being printed out, then go into Disneyland to have Emma's picture re-taken to make her pass. We picked up ours and decided we'd wait until later in the day to actually pick hers up. We'd already spent too much time on this as it was.

But then we let her get her face painted... so when we went to get her picture taken right before we left, they wouldn't do it. The guy just wrote on the ticket so she can get in another day to take her picture. I felt silly.

When we got home and had something to eat, my aunt came by. She had just come from the hospital. She said that morning Gma was so weak she was sure she was going to die that day, but the cardiologist came to see her, diagnosed her with congestive heart failure, started treating her for that, and now she was looking better. Turns out the swelling in her legs was blood pooling because her heart wasn't pumping it back up. They wanted to keep her for 4 more days. All my aunts and uncles are taking turns being at the hospital 24/7.

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