Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back in the Hole

So I just had to sign the paper that says I'm in the hole by 42 PTO hours.
I had actually ventured into positive territory in April - made it all the way up to 7 hours. Turns out I've used 12 days so far this year. I'm not sorry though. I'm glad I took the time off to stay home with Gma and my family, even if Mom's extended family drives me nuts at times.

In fact, some of the days were really nice. The week before Gma went into the hospital, I decided to stay home even though I didn't really need to. My Mom and aunt Lisa were there, so I didn't need to take care of Gma, but we had a lovely day. Bobby and I worked on the company for a couple hours in the back room, and then we spent most of the day on the back patio, watering the grass and plants, having a nice lunch, napping on the hammock. Very relaxing - like we were on vacation or something. I'm really sad that she is gone, but at the same time, I'm glad she suffered so little and was surrounded by her family (regardless of how quirky they all are), and I'm really glad I took the time off that I did to spend with her.

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