Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Cat Loves Her

After work yesterday I went to visit Gma in the hospital. She had just awakened from her 2nd two-hour nap of the day. They have her on Vicodin and some sleeping aids, so her dementia was full on. She made very little sense, and seemed very week. I said Lucas missed her, and told her the story. That stuck. When the nurse came in, she said, "The cat loves me, isn't that wonderful?" Again, when my aunt arrived, "The cat loves me." She's known him such a short time, but he has become very important to her. Mom was telling me she wishes she could bring the cat to the hospital.

Today was long and busy. Mom called with an update. Whether Gma can come home or not depends on whether or not she needs an IV. If she needs an IV, they are going to need to put her in a nursing home, so Mom went to talk to the folks at Gpa's nursing home. She broke down and started crying while she was there. She hadn't done that yet. I'm sure she's figuring that she'll be able to cry about it when it's over, but today it didn't want to wait. I talked to Bobby. Mom told him that Gma's kidneys are functioning at 15%, and her heart at about 20%. She probably only has a few weeks left in her.

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