Monday, January 1, 2007

Katie's Brithday & A Mellow New Years Eve

Thursday was Katie's brithday, so we expected to pick up Emma and have dinner with the Mahoney's to celebrate, but Bobby's mom called and said she and Erica were sick, and Katie tried to go to Disneyland but they were closed, so she and David were doing something out there. Don't come over unless you want to expose yourselves. So we went to sushi instead. We knew it would be difficult to get Emma to eat anything (she' the only kid I know that doesn't like teriyaki chicken), but we got her to eat some. We went to the Apple store to kill some time, and Emma played on the computers they have set up for kids to play with. Now she wants one.

We went back to Bobby's parents' on Sunday for an enchilada lunch for Katie's Birthday. When we got there Brian and Erica were putting them together the enchiladas, and a food fight ensued... always a good time. The whole afternoon was pretty mellow. Katie had to get on a plane back to Minnesota on Monday.

New Years was really mellow. Bobby & I, Brian & Jessica, Erica, and Bobby and Brian's friend Jon & girlfriend Alisa all hung out at Jessica's mom's house. The boys played a bit of Halo (which they used to play all the time) and we all played Scene It (and the girls whalloped the boys), and Extreme Jenga. In the final moment of Scene It, we have to guess the title of a movie as the letters appear, a la wheel of fortune... with like 3 letters on the board, Alisa (who has been quiet all game) comes out with "Rebel Without a Cause."

It was probably the most innocent New Years I've had in years. I didn't even drink! We were all in bed at 1:30am (unlike last year when it was 6am), and Jessica & I cooked breakfast in the morning. Then we all went back to the Mahoney's and the boys watched the football game. Again, a really mellow day...

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