Monday, January 22, 2007

Great Uncle Max

My great uncle Max came to visit this weekend. He's my grandma's brother - wanted to come visit his sister. I haven't seen the man since I was under 10. My grandma had said he was going to come by, but didn't know when. When I got home from work Friday, Bobby was sitting there at the kitchen table deep in conversation. Max was a professor of engineering at Montana State University, so they had lots to talk about. Max had brought with him a collection of old family photos. Most were of him and my grandma and their parents while they were growing up, but some were of their parents grandparents, and other family members back to the mid 1850s

It was kinda neat seeing these pics of people dressed up like something out of Young Guns... except they're family. He also had the announcement in the paper of my grandparents' impending wedding, and the quarter page article describing their wedding. I swear I've never heard a description of a wedding like that. It was all about what the bride wore (including the fabric, neck style, length, lace & embroidery, etc), and what the maid of honor wore, and what the bridesmaids wore, and the names of everyone in the wedding party, and what the mothers of the bride and groom wore... Lots of pictures from the wedding too. It was kinda neat.

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