Thursday, May 5, 2005


So I was at the tanning salon the other day, waiting for one of the beds, as this other girl was signing up. There are two different memberships available - $40/month or $80/month depending on which beds you want access to. (I'm cheap, but this girl was signing up for the premium package.)

She was standing there telling the girls behind the desk that she wanted to talk her mom into putting it on to her credit card, how her mom lets her do that sometimes when its a "really good reason."

OK, maybe I'm crazy, but tanning just doesn't seem like a "really good reason." Food, books for college, rent... These are "really good reasons," but tanning?! But that's not all.

Then she's telling the girls behind the desk that her mom took her card away because she charged quite a lot on it recently, and now her mom wants her to set up payments paying back but she isn't. Somewhere around $5,300...

WHAT!!! Are you freaking kidding me? My mom might strangle me if I charged $5,300 on her card. This girl is talking about it like it's no big deal. I know the girls in Newport are in a different situation that I am or was in growing up, but come on!

I called my mom after I left the salon and thanked her for teaching me some kind of fiscal responsibility.

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