Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Katie and Erica made the trek out to our place so they could go see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything with Emma, Bobby, and I. Here's the synopsis from

From the creators of 2002's wildly successful Jonah--A VeggieTales Movie comes a new story of heroism in the beloved VeggieTales' world, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Now, we follow the comic misadventures of three animated veggie pals who reluctantly set sail for adventure and discover that real heroes don't have to be tall, strong, handsome...or even human.

Garrrrr! Working at the Pieces of Ate Dinner Theater is less than exciting when you're a busboy. For three moping misfits-- Elliot, Sedgewick and George (Larry the Cucumber, Mr. Lunt and Pa Grape)-all they dream of is the day when they can ditch their dishrags and take stage to star in the big pirate show.

But with Elliot's timidity, Sedgewick's laziness and George's lack of self-confidence, it seems as if the day to prove who they really are will never come...

Things are about to change when a mysterious ball drops from the sky and lands at the unlikely seafarers' feet. A "Helpseeker" sent from the past in search of heroes, the artifact sets in motion a series of events that drags the friends back to the 17th century--and into the belly of certain danger. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything must each face their fears--becoming unlikely heroes in a battle to rescue a royal family from an evil tyrant, and themselves from living the life of common couch potatoes.

The latest in a franchise that has sold more than 50 million units since its 1993 inception, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything--A VeggieTales Movie continues the hit series' values-based lessons in teaching kids what it really means to be a hero. --© Universal Pictures

The movie was by no means amazing, but it was cute and enjoyable. Better than some of the terrible children's movies I've seen in the last year or so. If I had the DVD at home, it probably wouldn't be the first children's (or even Veggetales) movie I'd pull out, but I wouldn't be opposed to someone putting it on.

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