Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Night

It has been a long week. Bobby has been working long hours every day - out the door before I get up and often home late with still more work to do on plans at home. I'm not sure what he's running on. As for me, we are finally installing our new server at work, which takes a few days to do. It seems like we've barely seen each other all week.

Last night we both got home at a decent hour and went out for dinner. Dinner was lovely - we split a Fajita Supremas and a Mexican Caesar Salad w/ Grilled Steak and some marguaritas at El Torito. (We both like a lot of variety in our meals so we often split our entrees, or an appetizer and one entree.) But when we came home, we were both full and tired.

We both just crawled into bed, fully clothed. I got up after a little while to put on some music, but then we just laid there resting. It was only 9:30pm, but we probably would have just gone to bed but Bobby's cousin Harmonie was possibly going to stop by - she'd gone to a play that was supposed to be out around 10 or 10:30pm, so if she stopped by it would be around then.

We just laid there - not sleeping, but not talking or anything. It was kind of meditative. We were both so tired... the week had really caught up with us, and now our bellies were full. At around 10:30pm she still hadn't called so we just stopped trying to awake, and the next thing I knew it was 7:45am.

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