Saturday, November 17, 2007

Budding Make-Up Aritst

As usual on our "Emma weekends," Bobby and I picked Emma up and went over to his parents' house for the day. We usually don't do anything in particular, just sit around chatting and playing with the kids.

In the afternoon Brian needed to take a nap because he was going to be working late, so his mom and I were watching the kids. Erica and Katie had already left for a party. At one point it became suspicously quiet, and I realized the two year-old was nowhere in sight.

"Where's Caelyn?"

We started calling her name and looking in the usual places she knows she's not supposed to be - the office, the bathroom, etc. I walked into the hallway and Caelyn came tearing around the bed with a huge smile on her face. I burst out laughing.

Caelyn had gotten into her auntie's makeup bag, and had carefully applied some eyeshadow to her right eye with her fingers.

We all started laughing and said that's what her auntie gets for leaving her makeup within reach of a two year-old.

A little later, we had Chase blocked off in the living room so he could roam around and not get into much trouble. I went out to the car to get something, and I thought about telling Bobby to keep an eye on Chase while I went out (he was very intent on whatever he was doing on the laptop), but Chase was totally pre-occupied with the cardboard box he was chewing on. (Emma had taken a box and turned it into a little house - drawn and cut out windows, etc.) I figured he couldn't get in much trouble in the minute it would take me.

When I came back in and checked on him, I realized in chewing on the box, Chase had moistened the marker Emma had drawn on it with (hours earlier). Now his fingers and mouth were covered in black marker. We did our best to clean it off, but it still looked like he had a bruise on his chin, and his fingernails looked like he'd been in some paint.

I don't know how Jessica takes care of the two of them all by herself. When she called to say she was on her way back from mass, I told her about what the kids had been into. She just asked if Caelyn at least put the makeup on in the right place, and I had to admit that she had. "Well, at least she knows what she's doing. I'm so proud."

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