Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crazy Real Life Story

So I was chatting with my baby sister, and she had a bizarre story - an event that took place at her husband's place of work - a restaurant. I'm just glad I don't deal with people like this in my everyday life.

Jessica: On friday night there was an incident at fireside

me: an "incident"

Jessica: they ended up loosing 3 employees in one shot
so now Nathan is working super long hours to pick up the slack
they were supper busy
the place filled up in less than 30 min
one of the busers decided to take a table
as soon as he put the order in he came back into the kitchen bitching that it wasn't ready yet
it was behind 7 other tickets
Nathan and Pete told him to chill and that it would be ready asap
he through a fit
"F*ck you guys! I'm working my ass off" etc. etc.

me: wow, that was unnecessary

Jessica: Ya hes a winny little bitch that everyone hates

me: so how does that become 3?

Jessica: So now thats not the way to talk to Pete
So pete responds in turn
"F*ck You! We are all slammed go do your job!"
So this kid gets on the phone with Mommy

me: with mommy, are you kidding me?

Jessica: who also works there and thinks she's the shit
everyone hates her too
shes been woking for foreside for 9 years
She comes down with her man and her daughter in tow
walks through the back door of the kitchen and proceeds to go off on Pete
"You can't fuckin' talk to my son like that you fuckin' pig"
Nathan is just trying to get the work done and is listening to this and starts to laugh at how absurd it all is
The daughter ( who also works there) pipes in
"What the f*ck are you laughing at, you should be laughing at her, the f*cking whore"
in reference to one of the other serveres who just found out that she is pregnant
Elaina, the server, says "f*ck you bitch
So that daughter takes a swing at her and hits Elaina straight in the face
Elaina retaliates by putting the daughter in a head lock and slams her head into the wall
Pete jumps in and breaks it up
Elaina is screaming
loud enough for the customers to hear
"get f*ck out of my restaurant!"
Pete then pushes everyone outside and says thats it get off the property or he's calling the cops
As much as it was not the best way for it to happen
everyone is putting in extra hours and volenteering for shifts to make sure that that family never comes back
Pete is afraid of having to pay unemployment
but Nathan assured him that there is no possible way that they could collect
since then Pete has made Nathan full manager of the kitchen and has given him a raise
he said that he wants to give him more but can't just yet
not until they get back on track

me: that is ridiculous
if they tried to collect unemployment, pete should file a complaint
or sue them for causing a disturbance

Jessica: Actually he is filling apolice report and getting restraining orders
could you image that happening in a restaurant in cali
I was kinda bummed because I missed all this by like 20 minutes
I went into Delta with Nathan and was supposed to hang out till he got off but mike and Vicki came in for dinner so I hitched a ride back with them

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