Friday, July 27, 2007


Bobby and I were driving around today, and he tells me he'd received a text message from a classmate of his - turns out he has a test on Monday, and he needs to go study. He was driving and trying to type a response, and eventually just handed me the phone and asked me to finish the message and hit send. When I did, the original message pulled up, and it read something like "what's up norconian,..." and something about meeting up to study.

"She calls you Norconian?"
"Yeah, she was saying something about her car being stolen the other day and that she'd had to go out to Norco because that is where her parents live. Turns out she went to Norco High."
"Yeah, class of 98 even."
"No way! What's her name?"
I said the last name of a Colette I knew in high school.
"I don't know her last name." So I start describing the Colette I was friends with in high school. "Yes....Yes....Yes..."
He hands me his phone again. "Send her a text asking if that is her last name." So I do.
She replies with something about how that is a terrible photo... she's assuming he's looking at an old yearbook.

So he calls her up, and she gives him a little flack about looking through old yearbooks.
"Actually, I'm in the car. I was just telling my girlfriend about you being from Norco, and she guessed your last name...." He paused and then said my name.
I can hear her get all excited on the other end of the line, and then he hands the phone to me.

Bobby was laughing a little to himself, listening to us excitedly say our hellos and how-are-you-doings. I suggested that instead of meeting up at the school, Colette should just come over and have dinner with us, and they could study here. She thought that was a great idea, so we set a time. I had already planned on making steak with an arugula salad (arugula that I had picked from my garden the night before actually) so we just picked up another steak on the way home. Dinner was lovely, and it was great to catch up with an old friend. She had been living in London for the last few years, so we had lots of Europe stories to tell each other. And we both had stories to tell about the years since we'd last seen each other. She and Bobby probably didn't get as much studying done as they should have though.

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