Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is Good

Hmmm.... Life is GOOD. There are great bits and sucky bits I suppose, but overall, I'm very happy right now. Family is good, work is good, traffic sucks, I need a vacation.

Been with my boyfriend 6 months now. And strangely enough, I have MySpace to thank for it. I'd been looking for old high school friends on here and his was one of the names I'd looked up. We'd been friends back in the day but I hadn't seen him in like 7 years.

I seem to be hearing similar stories often enough though. Old friends reconnecting through this online community.

Not so good: My grandmas are sick. The one I was living with until recently was just diagnosed with cancer. I feel kinda bad. I just moved out, and now she's dealing with this. Luckily she had a friend move in with her, so she isn't alone. We had a scare with the other grandma recently when she had to go into the hospital for 10 days. She's still recovering, but she's to fiesty to be down for long. Stuff like this reminds you of how important people are to you.

My oldest nephew, who was born deaf, got a cochlear implant and is now adjusting to hearing. He went on his first trip to Disneyland.

My brother bought a house two-doors down from my parents. My dad keeps saying that one of us needs to buy the house in-between now so we can have a little half-block. And put gates between all the yards.... That would be a little strange, like I was living in a sitcom.

Seems to have been a changing of the guards at work. People come and people go, but few that were here when I started are still here. And I miss having a few of them around. Of 20 full time employees, only 6 have been here longer than me. And 4 of them are the owners. And I haven't really even been here this long.

A friend of mine just got married. Beautiful ceremony. I'm really happy for her. Feel like I've been to more baby and bridal showers this year than I ever have... and we're only in March. I have another to go to on Saturday.

I'm trying to plan another trip back to Europe. I really want to go again this year, but I know I won't be financially prepared to go back until late in 07. Probably try to go in September again... hit up Oktoberfest... again. This time I'm paying the extra and staing in hotels. And using a suitcase rather than a backpack.

I want a vacation. Just to take a week off with no obligations. Seems like I've been very busy of late. Even on the weekends we are scheduled for most of the day. And if there is some spare time... there's laundry, or the apartment needs to be cleaned, or something will suddenly come up. And during the week I wake up, go to work, come home, make/get something for dinner, and go to bed. I probably have 3 hours between the time I normally get home and the time I should go to bed. I could stay up later I suppose, but I get cranky (and unproductive if I don't get enough sleep). I want to lie in bed and watch movies for a day.

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