Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I learned on my honeymoon

How to figure out where we are on the map using the instruments on the plane and a scale.
That I shouldn't expect a steakhouse to be a really swanky joint just because I'm told they have the most amazing steaks ever.
That it pays to have a bro/sis that are wine club members at the places you go tasting - sometimes the winery will give you their discount.
That brewers up in the Santa Ynez Valley have heard of and are impressed by Bootlegger's Brewery (yes, I brag about my bros, can you blame me?).
That if we stay at the Radisson when we fly in to Santa Maria airport, we can call the concierge as soon as we turn off the engine and have them send someone directly to the plane with a luggage cart.  Transient parking is directly out their back door.  And they offer a AAA discount.

It seems like everyone in Santa Maria has some connection to Orange County.  As least everyone we talked to.
That I love Linguicia.  Not too surprising; I'm a nut for sausage.
That AT&T's coverage sucks in Los Olivos.  And by sucks, I mean it's non-existent. 
That if you tell people you are on your honeymoon, they'll get excited and sometimes give you stuff.  Or at least get really cheery (I find this often works with birthdays too).
That you have to do more than use that steering wheel to make a turn in a plane.  Or even maintain straight and level flight.
That I actually like Danish mustard (even though I HATE mustard), especially on Danish sausages (I told you I like sausage).
That I'm super glad we didn't buy a Sleep Number bed when we chose our mattress (We already have an air mattress, thank you).
That "Santa Maria-style BBQ" means steak, beans, and salsa.  Sometimes with saltine crackers.
That Hearst Castle has its own runway, but we aren't allowed to land on it.
That I actually like beets, especially on a salad with ranch dressing (no, I never ate a beet before - adventurous as I am, I still sometimes fear the unknown).
That Capt. G. Allan Hancock was an accomplished dude:
That I need to go back to Santa Maria again soon.

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