Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 pounds

I've lost 10 pounds so far this year. Some of this I attribute to making my own lunches, and therefore eating smaller portions, since I'm at home, and cooking dinner most nights, but half of the weight loss has occurred in the last few weeks. Why?

I'm fairly convinced that this is because for about that long, I've been consciously altering the way I eat. Between looking at the food pyramid the government recommends for a person of my age and gender, and some recent ruminations prompted by this speech and personal thoughts and articles/blogs on healthy eating, I came up with some basic guidelines for myself:

1. Eat way, way more vegetables (like 3 times what I normally would)
2. Only eat one serving of meat per day, if at all
3. Eat yogurt daily
4. Eat smaller portions for dinner, so not to be too full for dessert
5. Avoid most processed foods (so use honey, not Splenda, in tea, make a vinaigrette instead of using bottled dressing, and drink water, wine, or 100% fruit juice cut with sparkling water instead of sodas).

The toughest bit - cutting back on the meat. Not because I crave it, but because I'm surrounded by people that think they are supposed to be carnivores. Bobby thinks a meal isn't a meal if it doesn't involve a half pound of meat. He's often pressuring Emma to eat her meat (she'd like to live on bread and cheese). My aunt is has always been a big fan of "the bacon diet," eats mostly meat all the time, and takes carnitine supplements as well. She's convinced that her red meat-carnitine combo is the reason she has record low cholesterol. My dad has tried out her method, but hasn't had the same results.

But so far I've been pretty good with it. And I've found that when I focus on eating loads of veggies, I not only eat less meat, but less bread too. After limiting my meat intake, the results were nearly immediate. I still eat more than enough butter and cheese and fruit.

I think eating dessert has actually been a key factor. I eat a small dessert almost every night - usually Breyers Natural Vanilla Ice Cream with sliced strawberries, or sliced banana and Nutella (OMG, so good!). But by saving room for dessert, I'm giving myself an immediate (okay, nearly immediate - I do wait an hour or so) reward for denying myself that second helping of pasta or rice or steak, and in the time between dinner and dessert - my body has had enough time to truly register how full I am.

So we'll see if it keeps going down, or if I hold steady here...

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Keith said...

I've got some ideas on why you've been losing weight - I'll send you a short summary of the diet I recently designed - over the 5 weeks we were doing it before our cruise both Tania and I lost an average of 2.3 lbs per week each. I don't think it's the meat that is doing it, I think it's pure calories. I'm guessing your weight loss would be even more dramatic if you upped the lean protein (lean is important because of calories) and dropped the white/sugary carbs. But veggies are key!