Friday, December 5, 2008

Interesting Article

My blog reading led me to this article today about perceived healthfulness of a food hiding the actual healthfulness of that food.  I'll admit it, I don't eat at Subway but I do view deli sandwiches as healthier than McDonald's, but I also would never eat a 12" sandwich.  I'm a sucker for the chips though.

In fact, I refuse to eat at McDonald's, and avoid all those burger chains as much as I can.  I make a better burger anyway.  ;)

I find that if I go out for lunch I'm tempted to eat a larger portion, feel overly full, and then experience a sort of food-coma.  But when I make my own lunch, I eat a smaller portion, don't feel weighed down, and remain productive.  I wonder how many calories my homemade, no mayo, toasted roast beef & muenster sandwich with olive oil-sauteed mushrooms and onions with marinated spinach and tomato has.

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Askandarani said...

for me mac is just fries, they are magical