Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm so sore

We spent the weekend trimming trees.  There are pictures here, and a video of a rather large branch coming down below.  Despite the headline on the video, it wasn't an accident.  The branch was tied, just so long that once it was cut the end of the branch hit the roof.  That's why it just sort of hangs there next to the house afterwords.

I was really sore at the end of the day yesterday - just walking around took effort.  Today I'm starting to feel better.  It was two days of work, and a lot more physical activity than I'm used to.  We filled an entire 18 ft. roll off dumpster, and had to compact it down quite a bit to get it all in there.  Even Emma was helping.  There's a picture in there of all of us - not sure if you can tell just how dirty we are, but my face was so dirty I had raccoon eyes when I took my sunglasses off.

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FREIDA said...

What a task that was!
Even worked into the night... well, it does get dark now at 5ish... so that's not saying to much... either way, it looked liked a very FULL day... luckily with lots of helpers... Shannon was even there I see. Even with all the hard work that everybody obviously put in... the lunch looked enjoyable (with family) and I'm sure although you are beyond sore... it still feels kinda good to be that way. (No, Freida! It doesn't feel so good to not be able to walk!)... ha! I wonder if it kinda hurt to wash your hair by raising your arms above your head?? Oh, yes, we've all been that sore!
Great job on the tree trimming... hopefully it doesn't have to be done now for awhile!
Next weekend will be a rather relaxing, lazy one I'm guessing?? ;-)