Thursday, October 2, 2008

Potato Leek Soup

I tried it.  Bobby and Erica were in Norco today with Emma, so I was cooking for just me.  Sometimes I'm apprehensive about experimenting too much when I know it's dinner for more than just me because if it turns out terrible, we are either hungry or I have to pull something else together.

I'd divided my chicken stock into 2 cup portions and put it into the freezer, and I didn't want to thaw out more than one portion or make too much soup, so I translated the proportions used in Bittman's Minimalist post to suit my needs.

I warmed up the stock so that it was warm but not hot.  In the blender went 2/3 cup of Leek Confit, 2/3 cup of leftover Braised Potato Coins, and the 2 cups of stock.  I blended that to a puree, and put it back in the pan to warm it up.  Season with salt and I was done.  I didn't even put any dairy in it, although I have some leftover and could add it next time.  Had I a large enough sieve, and were I not hungry when I made the soup, I probably would have strained it a bit, but it was pretty tasty as it was.

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