Saturday, December 16, 2006

McCallum Christmas Party

We picked Emma up, and went to my mom's family's Christmas at the nursing home. I was not looking forward to this, as my mom's family is rather strange. I just wanted to see my grandma open her gift ( A Year of Tea Sampler, 52 varieties, 520 tea bags - she must drink 5 cups a day, and LOVES tea). When she did, the look on her face said that this was the best present she could have gotten. I was worried that Emma wouldn't have a good time at all, since I'm usually bored out of my mind, and there were no kids there under 14. My uncle is in a barbershop quarted though, and brought them all along to entertain.

Some video of the quarted singing:
An Intro Song
Jingle Bell Rock
Merry Christmas to You
Gloria in Excelsies Deo
Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Emma was entranced. After they sang some songs for us, they wandered through the nursing home singing to people there. The lady in the hall in the last picture cried, she was so happy. Emma followed them around while they sang to everyone, and when it was time to leave, the only people she hugged were my grandma and my uncle.

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